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Making Your Mark

Resumes and cover letters are critical documents to have possession of when you are actively seeking a new career. Why? Attention grabbing resumes and cover letters are needed to make you stand out in a crowd. Seizing the attention of the decision maker is key as they review all the applicants for the open position. When something attracts their attention, they are more likely to read through the entire letter and resume, rather than quickly scanning over the contents and moving to the next resume before deciding whether you are the most qualified applicant. By being aware of the demands that are placed upon these managers, and by providing them with something that is fresh, creative and unique, you have the upper hand. 


Confidence in your resume is truly important. Since this is essentially a summary of your employment, education and personal history, you must be original and distinctive when preparing these documents. This requires three key elements. Preparation, preparation and preparation. If you are like many busy executives you probably do not have the time to thoroughly prepare these documents. You may be considering hiring a successful resume writing company who has established itself in this field. Then you are possibly considering hiring a firm who provides career assessments, targets the distribution of your resume and who also can help you find the perfect position for you. To make life really easy, find a company who handles both avenues of employment help.

  Resume And Cover Letter

The Advantage Is Clear

You may ask yourself, "Does a well written synopsis of my previous work history and education really make that much of a difference as to whether I am hired or not?" By itself, probably not. However, it is the starting point. It is your key to opening the door to a new world of opportunities. Since 1986, The Advantage has helped thousands of executives and senior managers get to the next level in career success. The Advantage performs a comprehensive assessment based on your individual objectives, background and timeline. In addition to these, The Advantage also provides;

  • Personalized Service - level and quality of service we provide, enjoy long lasting relationships, 80% of our business is referral.

  • Nationally Recognized Writers & Coaches - certified staff is known within the industry, worked with clients spanning all industries and functions.

  • Industry Knowledge - We do our homework before we begin working on your project.

  • Innovative Job Search Strategies - we have gone the extra mile to find the most comprehensive and up to date recruiter, company, venture capitalists/investor data. 

In addition, The Advantage also provides these avenues of personalized services;

  • Telephone & Face to Face Interviewing Strategies

  • Review of Salary Negotiations & Compensation Package

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment

  • Profile in Executive Leadership

The Advantage invites you to come and explore the many options available to you through their many services. Please follow these links for more information.


Resume And Cover Letter

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