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Are all resumes the same? 

Is there a difference between an executive resume and others? The Advantage thinks so. The Advantage understands that an executive resume should be written to communicate their client's functional and industry expertise while emphasizing their creative, forward thinking abilities. This is what employers are looking for in executive resumes. How can your resume outshine the rest? Having an executive resume written by professionals who know how to make your resume stand out is one key to gaining the edge over competing resumes. Since a resume is essentially a summary of your employment, education and personal history, uniqueness is needed in order to grab the attention of the reader.

Can it land you that perfect job with the big corner office? By itself, probably not. But, it is the launching pad to get you in the door. If your resume and accompanying cover letter are able to outshine the rest of the candidates, then you have your edge. The Advantage knows how to gain this edge for you. By performing a comprehensive assessment of your goals, objectives and background, The Advantage customizes their proven strategies to make them work for you. By researching current hiring trends and evaluating recruiting techniques, The Advantage helps clients seize new opportunities and forward their careers by providing them with the right tools. This allows executives who are searching for new opportunities to continue with their busy lives while seasoned professionals write a dynamic resume for continued success. 

Executive Resume

Being Successful

What is really needed? Preparation, preparation, preparation. What though, if you do not have the time or skill needed to create that all impressive cover letter? Now is the time to enlist the help from someone who does have the experience and skill to create those powerful documents.   

What else can The Advantage do for you? 

  • Personalized Service - level and quality of service we provide, enjoy long lasting relationships, 80% of our business is referral.

  • Nationally Recognized Writers & Coaches - certified staff is known within the industry, worked with clients spanning all industries and functions.

  • Industry Knowledge - We do our homework before we begin working on your project.

  • Innovative Job Search Strategies - we have gone the extra mile to find the most comprehensive and up to date recruiter, company, venture capitalists/investor data. 

The Advantage also provides Career Coaching. With your help they will identify where you are today, determine where you want to go, and then provide solutions to achieve your objectives. The staff at The Advantage knows that career transition is a stressful and emotional process. This is why they are determined to be there for you whether its a 10-minute conversation or a two-hour, in-depth session, they work one on one with you to assist in addressing the challenges, concerns and options you are facing as you exit your current position. 


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