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Since 1986, The Advantage has helped thousands of executives and senior managers get to their next level of career success.

Executive Resumes and Cover Letters

We provide clients seeking $100,000+ career opportunities with powerful and elegantly written resumes and cover letters that command “a read” from potential employers and recruiters.

Our Philosophy:

There is a difference between an Executive resume and others. It should not only communicate functional and industry expertise, but also emphasize your creative and forward thinking abilities that employers look for to drive the growth of their companies.

These are the key elements that differentiate our clients from other qualified candidates and capture the reader’s attention within the first 30 seconds. Our Certified Professional Resume Writers will assess your objectives and create documents that are effective personal selling tools. We will position you to get the job you want.


What’s the next step?

It is crucial that your resume get into the hands of the people you want to read it. The Advantage performs a comprehensive assessment based on your individual objectives, budget and timeline. We then provide you with customized strategies and targeted job search tools that no other firm offers!

Our Philosophy:

The more channels you take advantage of during your job search, the more effective it will be. These channels include:


The second step is to determine the best method of distribution based on cost, benefit, and preference of the recipient. Distribution methods include:

Traditional Print Mail
Phone/Direct Contact


Why The Advantage?

Personalized Service – We take pride in the level and quality of service we provide and enjoy long lasting relationships with our clients. In fact, 80% of our business is referral, and other than this website, we do not advertise.

Nationally Recognized Writers & Coaches – Our certified staff is known within the industry as being the best of the best. In the past 10 years our firm has worked with clients spanning all industries and functions including executives of Fortune 500 Companies, well known entrepreneurs and investors, judges, ambassadors, US and foreign dignitaries, and retiring military personnel.

Industry Knowledge – We do our homework by researching current hiring trends, evaluating executive recruiting techniques and utilizing the latest technology to expedite our clients’ job search!

Innovative Job Search Strategies – Compare us to other firms and you will find we have gone the extra mile to find the most comprehensive and up to date recruiter, company, venture capitalists/investor data. Together with our unique process for distribution, we have developed a formula for success!

Give us a call today for a complimentary consultation. We would like to help you reach that next level of success!!

I have been successful in business because I have surrounded myself with "A" players. Well, you were an "A" player in planning and executing a successful job search… I am happy to report that we positioned my resume and job search so well that I was a final round candidate for several CEO searches and landed a great opportunity in less than six months while continuing my former job. My recruiter friends tell me that most guys in my salary range take at least a year.
– President of $1.2 billion corporation


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